July 2022-June 2023

Year End Report

We are humbled by the immense support we have received from our supporters, donors, and community. Our growth and successes over the past year have inspired us to work even harder to create systemic change by eliminating income and wealth disparity by making college more attainable and affordable, and careers more accessible for underrepresented and marginalized students.

The Year-End Report outlines the goals and mission of NCCPC, our members, our operational structure, FY23 successes, and FY24 goals. We invite you to read the report to learn more about how far we’ve come and our vision for the future. Click the link below to view and download the report.

The following achievements showcase NCCPC’s significant impact and progress in advancing college access and success for students in Northern California, as well as its national influence and effective collaborative efforts:

  • Support Across 12 Counties: NCCPC provides resources ensuring educational access and success for youth in Northern California’s 12 counties.
  • Safeguarding Scholarships: NCCPC’s advocacy led to a bill protecting over one million students from scholarship displacement, ensuring financial stability.
  • Policy Advocacy Success: NCCPC’s efforts resulted in passing AB 288, a California law protecting students’ financial stability.
  • Student Engagement: Over 700 students actively participate in NCCPC’s committee meetings, shaping our initiatives.
  • Campus Support Collaborations: NCCPC collaborates with universities, like Cal State East Bay, ensuring comprehensive on-campus support. 
  • Strategic Workforce Partnerships: NCCPC forges valuable partnerships, providing real-world experience and employment pathways for students.
  • Systems Change Collaboration: NCCPC collaborates with campuses, employers, and policy leaders to positively impact youth and families.
  • Organizational Growth: NCCPC evolved from a startup to a dedicated team of 3.5 FTE staff, signifying progress and stability.
  • Enhanced Member-Driven Approach: NCCPC implemented an improved member-driven approach, involving the community and stakeholders in decision-making processes and program development.
  • National Influence: NCCPC’s work gained recognition at the national level, inspiring other regions to adopt best practices for education initiatives.