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NCCPC Fall Career Conferences Nov 4-5, 2021

Retail and Fashion Design

Check out creative careers including all things fashion design, merchandising, creative and digital marketing, and technical design.


Check out business careers including CRM management, sales, HR/recruitment, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), executive leadership, communications, talent branding/social media, foundations, and more.


Check out tech careers including engineering (software, product), operations, product development, data analytics, and web development.

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Oakland Athletics

Thanks to the Oakland Athletics for their contribution to our raffles and sharing their job opportunities!

Gap Inc.

Thanks to Gap Inc. for being a Champion Sponsor, their contribution to our raffles, providing great speakers, and sharing their job opportunities!

The Golden State Warriors Community Foundation

Thanks to the Foundation for being a Sponsor, their contribution to our raffles, and providing great speakers!

Management Leadership for Tomorrow

Thanks to MLT for providing great speakers and sharing their fellowship and other opportunities!


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