Dec 21, 2022

10,000 Degrees

Providing services in eight Bay Area counties, 10,000 Degrees® is a leading equity-focused scholarship provider and college success nonprofit in California that supports students from low-income backgrounds to and through college with scholarships and wraparound support. 10,000 Degrees serves more than 12,000 students each year, and unlike most other college success organizations, there is no GPA requirement to participate in 10,000 Degrees programs.


To achieve educational equity and to support students from low-income backgrounds to and through college to realize their full potential and positively impact their communities and the world.


We envision a world where all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background will have the full range of educational opportunities, support, and resources to realize their full potential.


10,000 Degrees® is a leading, equity-focused scholarship provider and college success nonprofit in California that supports students from low-income backgrounds to and through college. 10,000 Degrees serves more than 12,000 students and their families each year with comprehensive wraparound support, college and financial aid counseling, near-peer alumni coaching, scholarships, and financial aid management. Students are also provided comprehensive career support to ensure that they secure meaningful employment after graduation. Unlike most other college success organizations, there is no GPA requirement to participate in 10,000 Degrees programs. All programing is powered by Fellows, near-peer coaches who are recent college graduates and often alum of 10,000 Degrees; they are embedded in high school and college campuses to help students navigate life both on and off-campus and throughout their college success journey. With this innovative support model, 10,000 Degrees achieves unmatched success rates: Over 80% of 10,000 Degrees four-year college students earn bachelor’s degrees, compared to 31% of their peers nationally. 10,000 Degrees community college students transfer to and graduate from four-year colleges at a rate that’s three times the national average. 10,000 Degrees students also graduate with 88% less student loan debt than the national average. 10,000 Degrees operates in eight Bay Area counties – San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Lake, Contra Costa, San Mateo, and Santa Clara – and works in 41 high schools, 56 community colleges, and 170 four-year colleges and universities across the nation. For more information about 10,000 Degrees, please visit and connect with us on social media.

Who We Support: 12,000+ students and families, 100% Low-Income Background, 93% Black, Indigenous, Latinx & People of Color, 92% First in Family to College.

Our Work with NCCPC

10,000 Degrees is an NCCPC Founding Steering Committee member. We continue to support NCCPC and are actively engaged in its work because collaboration across college success organizations and with other parties interested in the educational success of students from low-income backgrounds is critical. NCCPC is the organization that can effectively take on tasks that benefit from our collective strength (California Assembly Bill 288, for example). NCCPC also provides a single point of access for organizations to share information and opportunities with all of our members and to derive the benefit of our collective knowledge, resources and student bodies without having to do separate outreach to each NCCPC member.

What Collaboration Looks Like

We have participated in various capacities with NCCPC and appreciate the many opportunities NCCPC has created. To name a few examples, we have one or two individuals on most standing committees, we’ve participated in Financial Aid and Scholarship panels hosted by NCCPC to share our resources and knowledge more broadly, and we’ve also provided summer internship resources to NCCPC enhancing the overall summer experience for the 10,000 Degrees Bank of America Student Interns.

Committee representation: Steering Committee, Traci Lanier, VP; Campus Partnerships, Christopher Gonzales, Chief Strategy Officer; Workforce Partnerships, Ann Schnuer, Director, Career Success & Megan Topping, Director, Corporate Partnerships.

Benefits Derived as a Result of being an NCCPC Member

In addition to the benefits 10,000 Degrees students derive from NCCPC efforts such as the AB288 advocacy and the GAP career success programming, NCCPC has also provided us with new, meaningful connections. Most recently, NCCPC introduced 10,000 Degrees to PG&E which created a partnership opportunity that includes funding.


Our office’s primary 2022 goal is to ensure the sustainability of each of our major initiatives beyond Mayor Schaaf’s term, including #OaklandUndivided, Teachers Rooted in Oakland, AssistHub, and Oakland’s Postsecondary Education and Workforce Collaborative.
It has been amazing to watch the growth of NCCPC over the past three years and to be part of this process. We look forward to seeing how the new OKR framework utilized by the committees this year and the goals specified translate into the actional items identified.

Why NCCPC and Why Now

Given the important space we are working in and the very large and unmet need, it’s important for all of us to collaborate. It is very important that we combine resources, avoid duplicating services, share knowledge and expertise, all so that we can have a greater impact for all students from low-income backgrounds we collectively serve and hope to reach.