How to Join NCCPC

Join our Membership! Please contact us if your organization:

  • Serves students from Northern California
  • Focuses on equity
  • Provides some combination of scholarship and programmatic support for students

Is one of the following organization types:

  • Advocacy Organizations
  • Charter/K-12 Organizations
  • Cities/Mayors
  • College and Neighborhood Promise Programs
  • Education Technology Nonprofits
  • Locally recognized college access program
  • Nationally recognized college access program

Supports students along the postsecondary pipeline to equitable value, defined by the Postsecondary Value Commission in their 2021 report (see page 31), which includes:

  • Equitable Access
  • Equitable Affordability
  • Equitable Support
  • Equitable Completion
  • Equitable Earnings
  • Equitable Wealth