Purpose of the NorCal Promise Coalition

The purpose of the NorCal College Promise Coalition community is to focus on changing outcomes and systems for low-income, underrepresented youth in four key areas:

  1. Advancing Public Policy
  2. Enabling the Transition Into the Workforce
  3. Creating Campus Partnerships
  4. Speeding up the Adherence to Best Practices

Our Why

Root Cause Analysis

Individual organizations/ agencies, acting alone, are unable to create equitable systems and policies for postsecondary access and success or workforce access, earnings, and wealth.

Root Cause Analysis

Theory of Change

We need aligned communication and practices, cross-institutional data systems, shared understanding, equitable and sustainable funding policies, and engaged and activated partners and leaders.

Driver Diagram

For coalitions or networks, a “driver diagram” is used to demonstrate the theory of change.

What We Do

FY 2024-2025 Goals, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

At NCCPC, the staff collaborate with the Steering Committee Chair and Vice Chair, and the four Committee Co-Chairs, to define the coalition’s goals, objectives, and key results each year.

NCCPC was formed just in time to meet the needs of students and the field.

Stay tuned for the 2023-24 Year-End Report!

Since officially launching in November 2019, NCCPC has successfully grown its membership and advanced activities and actions in each of our four (4) key areas: Policy, Workforce, Campus Partnerships, and Communities of Practice.

Our 2022-23 Achievements include:


  • Support Across 12 Counties: NCCPC provides resources ensuring educational access and success for youth in Northern California’s 12 counties.
  • Safeguarding Scholarships: NCCPC’s advocacy led to a bill protecting over one million students from scholarship displacement, ensuring financial stability.
  • Policy Advocacy Success: NCCPC’s efforts resulted in passing AB 288, a California law protecting students’ financial stability.
  • Student Engagement: Over 700 students actively participate in NCCPC’s committee meetings, shaping our initiatives.
  • Campus Support Collaborations: NCCPC collaborates with universities, like Cal State East Bay, ensuring comprehensive on-campus support. 
  • Strategic Workforce Partnerships: NCCPC forges valuable partnerships, providing real-world experience and employment pathways for students.
  • Systems Change Collaboration: NCCPC collaborates with campuses, employers, and policy leaders to positively impact youth and families.
  • Organizational Growth: NCCPC evolved from a startup to a dedicated team of 3.5 FTE staff, signifying progress and stability.
  • Enhanced Member-Driven Approach: NCCPC implemented an improved member-driven approach, involving the community and stakeholders in decision-making processes and program development.
  • National Influence: NCCPC’s work gained recognition at the national level, inspiring other regions to adopt best practices for education initiatives.