Purpose of the Coalition

Our community is focused on changing outcomes and systems for low-income, underrepresented youth in four key areas:

  1. Advancing Public Policy
  2. Enabling the Transition Into the Workforce
  3. Creating Campus Partnerships
  4. Speeding up the Adherence to Best Practices

NCCPC was formed just in time to meet the needs of students and the field.

Since officially launching in November 2019, NCCPC has successfully grown its membership and advanced activities and actions in each of our four (4) key areas: Policy, Workforce, Campus Partnerships, and Communities of Practice.

Our 2021-22 Achievements include:

  • Grew membership from 12 organizations to 25 organization and individual members (added 3rd member level “Advocate.”)

  • Grew high school and college students reached from 30,000 to 51,000+.

  • Three (3) Advisory Council members confirmed.

  • 100% of Year 2 Steering Committee returning for 2021-22. Two (2) additional members added with four (4) more in progress.

  • Contributions from Steering Committee members, funders, and other investors raised $165,200, 2X the goal set for the year.

  • Growth and staffing strategy set for 2021-22, including a full-time Executive Director by Q1 2022. Scale and impact goals set for 2021-2024