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Formed in November 2019, we have grown from 11 to 40+ mayors, cities, and college promise and access programs are serving over 150,000 students across 12 counties.


*founding member since 2019




1. Aditi Goel (P16 Partners)

2. Jackie Nevarez (Sac City Unified)

3. Lorna Contreras Townsend (Capital Group)

4. Mckenzie Richardson (Council for a Strong America)

5. Nadja Jepsen (College Track)

6. Patrice Berry (End Poverty in CA)*

7. Sbeydeh Viveros-Walton (Public Advocates) *

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Last updated January 2023

Oakland Promise’s involvement in the coalition allows us to add to the overall mission of NCCPC — to support more students from underrepresented communities. There is power in joining together with other Promise organizations to support that goal.

— Rachel Westmoreland,

Interim Executive Director for Oakland Promise

I love the amazing connections made through NCCPC

— Sally Buchanan, Special Projects for Rancho Cordova Promise

“NCCPC is changing the odds. It’s more than a coalition – it’s a demonstration and a MOVEMENT that brings community-rooted expertise to drive policy and partnerships that will shape trajectories of opportunity for students and communities for generations to come. It’s a privilege to be part of it!!”

— Jessie Stewart, Director of Community Engagement & Partnerships, UC Berkeley Cameron Institute for Student Athlete Development, Prior Executive Director for Richmond Promise

Alex Bernadotte, Founder & CEO Beyond 12

Sandra Ernst, CEO of Oakland Promise

Krismin Inocentes-Bell, Executive Director of OneGoal Bay Area