Emergency Microgrants

A Regional Solution to Support College Persistence and Completion

Empowering Futures:

NCCPC’s Regional Emergency Microgrants Initiative

In the heart of Northern California, the Northern California College Promise Coalition (NCCPC) is a key foundation of support for organizations supporting marginalized students seeking higher education and their college-age constituents. With a network of over 60+ member organizations and individuals spanning 13 counties, NCCPC is dedicated to breaking down the barriers that obstruct access to education. Our coalition includes educational institutions, nonprofits, and community groups, each bringing specialized support services—from scholarships to career mentoring—to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Thanks to the support of Sobrato Philanthropies and Capital Group, NCCPC has successfully distributed a total of $73,000 in emergency microgrants to 215 students across our 13-county footprint!

Meredith Curry Nuñez

Executive Director, Northern California College Promise Coalition (NCCPC)

A Lifeline for Students in Crisis:

The Regional Emergency Microgrants Program

Our core direct service program is the Regional Emergency Microgrants Program. The small grants funding program run by NCCPC for its members and their students, is designed to be a financial safety net for students affected by unforeseen financial challenges. Whether it’s the threat of housing insecurity or an urgent, unexpected expense, these microgrants, capped at $500, serve as a critical stopgap to keep students’ educational journeys on track.

Thank you to our Partners!

Sobrato Philanthropies

Here are some Testimonials from students, in their own words:

“Receiving the emergency grant was like a breath of fresh air during a suffocating time. It allowed me to concentrate on my exams, rather than how I’d pay my next bill.”

College Student

“I’m currently in my last semester of college but financial aid didn’t cover the full amount so I have to pay $450 out of pocket and I am really struggling with getting this money since I’m currently not working. Receiving this grant would be of huge help to pay out my tuition so that I don’t have to keep skipping meals or eat less than I should. Thank You!.”

College Student

“My mom recently separated from my step father due to personal reasons. He was the main source of income which paid the rent. So now my mom and I struggle picking up extra hours for work while balancing school in order to stay up to date with the rent, which oftentimes means not being able to pay a couple bills, or not buying certain necessities when grocery shopping.”

College Student

“That timely aid was more than just financial relief; it was a message that someone believed in my potential, reinforcing my resolve to succeed.”

College Student

Program Impact

Launched in 2022, the Emergency Microgrants Program has swiftly become a cornerstone of our support system, offering timely aid to an increasing number of students each year.  Our vision for the future is both to maintain this vital program and to significantly expand its reach and impact. 

The power of these grants lies in their simplicity, immediacy and direct response to student asks. By covering immediate expenses, these emergency microgrants enable students to maintain their focus on academic achievements without the looming anxiety of financial strain.

Phase I Impact Report

(Academic Year 2022-2023)

Emerg Microgrants-Impact Report Phase I Cover

Phase II Impact Report

(Academic Year 2023-2024)

Emerg Microgrants-Impact Report Phase II Cover
Emergency Microgrants 2024 Success

Help Us Reach More Students!

Our target budget for the 2024-2025 academic year is $60,000, so we can maintain giving to youth at the current fund level of $46,000-$50,000, while also directly supporting the back-end administration, case management, and financial processing the program requires.


For more information about supporting NCCPC’s Regional Emergency Microgrants program, contact us!

Program History

PHASE 1: Pilot Year

First launched in Fall 2022 and designed and implemented by NCCPC and its members, this program has been a great success and we wish to scale it further.

In 2022, we launched a pilot with $27,000 of funding focused on the Silicon Valley area (Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Southern Alameda Counties, thanks to the initial investment of Sobrato Philanthropies.

We had eight members apply and disburse $27,000 in gift cards ranging from $200-500 to 75 students to support emergency living and transportation expenses, food and housing, and physical and mental health costs. 

PHASE 2: Leverage Technology

In 2023, working with two funders (Sobrato Philanthropies and Capital Group), we secured $46,000 in funds and worked with members in Silicon Valley and across our 13-county membership pool to distribute these funds to applicants. 

In 2023, 404 students started or submitted applications and 24 members referred students to apply–and we disbursed all the funds.

PHASE 3: Expanding the Reach

For 2024 and beyond, we are looking for additional funding to continue and scale this program. We are comfortable with the size of the grants–$200-$500 each, but we’d like to increase our capacity to support our undocumented and first generation college youth who risk dropping out when a financial crisis hits.

We thank Capital Group for their partnership to fund our Emergency Microgrant Programs for the 2024-25 and 2025-26 academic years.