College Financial Literacy Toolkit

The Northern California College Promise Coalition (NCCPC) is a coalition of 60+ organizations that are committed to supporting multiply marginalized and underserved students in achieving their college, career, and life goals. Check out the resources in this toolkit that can help you answer questions you may have! Questions like:

  • I am making some of my very first decisions around money, what do I do?
  • I am experiencing new challenges, have other students gone through this too?
  • I’m going to college but I need help, who can help me?
  • I received a private scholarship and something changed in my financial aid, what do I do?
  • I’m struggling to pay rent and eat everyday, where can I go? And can it be free and easy to get?
  • I’m thinking a lot about my future, where can I research careers and reflect on my goals?
NCCPC's College Financial Literacy Toolkit 2023-2024 pg1

Stay tuned for the updated Toolkit launching in Fall 2024!