Nov 28, 2022

Oakland Mayor’s Office

Source: Townes Bouchard-Dean, Patrice Berry


Leverage our role in the Oakland Mayor’s Office to provide the conditions, resources, and political will to transform systems so they work better for our students, families, and educators.


While the Mayor has no formal jurisdiction over education in Oakland, we know that to have a world-class city, you need a world-class education system. We build diverse coalitions of stakeholders, create innovative initiatives to address inequities, leverage public-private partnerships to increase resources, prove and institutionalize scalable models through public policy, and support ongoing implementation to increase impact. In addition to supporting NCCPC, we are closing the digital divide through #OaklandUndivided, increasing the recruitment and retention of high-quality teachers of color through Teachers Rooted in Oakland, and ensuring that everyone can access their basic needs through AssistHub. Our office also convenes a postsecondary education and workforce collaborative in partnership with key stakeholders across the city to advance college matriculation and completion by promoting basic needs security.

We work to build diverse coalitions of stakeholders using the Oakland Mayor’s Office unique position, innovate to address inequities and increase resources by leveraging public-private partnerships, evaluate the pilot and prove a successful model, institutionalize through policy and budgets in public systems and support ongoing implementation to increase impact.

Why NCCPC and Why Now

NCCPC is critical to leverage our collective power as a coaltion and region to increase the conditions and resources – through policy, campus partnerships, workforce partnerships and sharing best practices, to be able to achieve impact that we could not do alone.

What Collaboration Looks Like

David Silver, the Mayor’s Director of Education, is co-chair of NCCPC’s Steering Committee. As chair of the Communities of Practice Committee, Patrice Berry (Executive Advisor, Mayor’s Office) also participates on the Steering Committee. Both David and Patrice were integral to founding NCCPC in 2019 and continue to serve by helping to set strategic priorities, facilitating introductions, and serving as vocal ambassadors of NCCPC.


Our office’s primary 2022 goal is to ensure the sustainability of each of our major initiatives beyond Mayor Schaaf’s term, including #OaklandUndivided, Teachers Rooted in Oakland, AssistHub, and Oakland’s Postsecondary Education and Workforce Collaborative.
  • #OaklandUndivided: Sustain student access to computers, internet & tech support for all 50K public school students + work with the City to increase access to high-speed broadband for all 37K unconnected Oakland residents
  • Teachers Rooted in Oakland: Expand TRiO to serve more teacher residents and prove scalability of the TRiO+ model to bridge the gap between market rate housing and what teachers can afford
  • AssistHub: Deliver personalized navigation to public benefits & institutional resources to over 50K CA residents annually and advocate for new legislation to create a more accessible social safety net for all Californians
  • Oakland Promise: Support Oakland Promise to implement their $50M Generation Fund, ensuring that every baby and student from a low-income background (30,000 children) will have access to baby bonds and scholarships through 2035
  • Oakland Postsecondary Education & Workforce Collaborative: Ensure that all OUSD high school graduates can meet their basic needs as they pursue their goals in the workforce and/or in postsecondary education.

Impact we created together

#OaklandUndivided: in response to the pandemic, we delivered 39,000 computers, 15,000 internet hotspots, and responded to 18,000 tech support requests, increasing home access to a computer, internet, and tech support for students from low-income backgrounds from 12% to 98% pre-pandemic to the end of 2020-21

Teachers Rooted in Oakland (TRiO) supports 30 teachers with housing and guaranteed income who in turn support over 13,500 students. In two years, TRiO has tripled the number of OUSD Teacher Residents and a 3.6x increase in OUSD teacher residents of color. TRiO+ (an affordable housing marketplace) was also launched this summer and made available to all OUSD teachers, resulting in 25 new leases or leases renewed at a lower rate

AssistHub makes it easy for students and families to access public benefits. Over the past 2 years, AssistHub provided personalized services to over 40,000 Californians, unlocking over $2.5M in public benefits, among whom 40% were not receiving at least one public benefit before using AssistHub.

Oakland Promise: Over 30,000 Oakland elementary school students have received a $100 early college scholarship since OP was founded in 2016. The first 3 cohort of OP scholars (2016-2018) persisted from year 1-2 at a 88% rate, well over the national average of students from low-income backgrounds.

Northern California College Promise Coalition (NCCPC) has served over 150,000 high school and college students in less than three years, facilitated conveninings statewide for 500+ organizations, and created partnerships with colleges, businesses, policy-makers (AB 288), non-profits, & cities across California.

Other Areas of Leadership: Engaged the community to create a policy for a successful ballot measure, The Oakland Children’s Initiative – $30M+/year for 30 years for preschool and college access supports.

Other convenings: National League of Cities (Postsecondary Ed & Workforce Collaborative),
Oakland Thrives, OUSD Strategic Plan Working Groups (3rd grade Literacy and 5-Year Technology Plan), supported public-public-private partnerships to increase quality and Community Schools.


Press Release from Teachers Rooted in Oakland’s launch of TRiO+ to increase housing affordability for educators

Highlights from our #OaklandUndivided announcement to commit to fund every student across the city, expand our impact by serving unconnected residents across the city, and provide Cradle-to-Career connection to pre-K and college.

A recent Op-Ed describing our work as a potential national model.

Media coverage from Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to announce the $50M Oakland Promise Generation Fund launch – within four years, every Oakland low-income baby and student for the next generation will receive a $500 CSA or $1000/year college scholarship.