December 12, 2023

NCCPC Presents at the Community College League of California Conference

Source: Meredith Curry Nuñez, Executive Director of NCCPC

NCCPC headed to Indian Wells, CA in November 2023 to present at the Community College League of California (CCLC) 2023 Conference with the 50th Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf, the President of San Jose City College Dr. Rowena Tomaneng, and NCCPC’s Steering Committee Chair David Silver.

    NCCPC’s Session at CCLC 2023

    Where: Renaissance Esmeralda Hotel in Indian Wells, CA

    When: November 18, 2023 from 8:00-9:15 AM PT

    Topic: “When Colleges, Communities, and Cities Unite, We Can End Poverty”

    NCCPC’s Executive Director Meredith “Mer” Curry Nuñez joined the 50th Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf, the President of San Jose City College Dr. Rowena Tomaneng, and NCCPC’s Steering Committee Chair David Silver for this dynamic session on public-private partnerships. 

      The session was facilitated by Mer who shared the purpose of the session.

      “What we are experiencing across several college promises should be California’s blueprint for success. For collective impact, the Northern California College Promise Coalition (NCCPC) engages promise programs, nonprofits, cities, and postsecondary. This morning, you’ll learn how to build your community’s power and advocacy with SJCC, the California Volunteers Fund, the 50th Mayor of Oakland, and NCCPC.”

      The attendees of the session included community college trustees, CEOs, faculty, and administrators. Attendees benefited from the following learning objectives:

      • Explore how through coalitions, we can amplify best practices and advocate for systems change to eliminate poverty. 
      • Learn how campuses engage with coalitions like NCCPC to exchange best practices and pursue shared goals. 
      • Receive tools and tactics to engage stakeholders who can bridge sectoral divides to address key challenges of coordination, focus, sustainability, and reach, which in turn, leverages better outcomes for more students.
      • Enhance our collective understanding of the higher education life cycle and how to support students during critical moments focusing on college readiness and affordability, college success, and career clarity as students transition into the workforce.
      • Explore NCCPC’s Root Cause Analysis and Driver Diagram (theory of change) to learn how together, we can address misaligned policies, silo-ed programs, limited program bandwidth, fragmented data and information, lack of student-centered approaches and first-generation college-going culture. 
      • Learn how the coalition leveraged student voice and a collective impact model to pass a bill that safeguards students’ financial stability by ensuring that scholarships do not diminish other forms of financial aid.
      • Receive examples of peer-learning environments that convene practitioners across the cradle-to-career continuum to co-create effective strategies and solutions that address students’ unique needs

      Event Resources

      The panel shared the following resources with session attendees and registrations:

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