July 28, 2023

NCCPC Presents the CSAC Financial Aid + Speed Networking for Student Programs Panel

CSAC is excited to announce that registration for the 2023-2024 Annual Statewide Financial Aid Workshop series is now open!

Register here for the 2023-24 Annual Statewide Financial Aid Workshop

These free workshops, offered in partnership with the California Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (CASFAA), the California Community Colleges Student Financial Aid Administrators Association (CCCSFAAA) and the Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC), provide crucial financial aid information, updates, and resources to high school counselors, advisors, student advocacy groups, outreach specialists and community education partners.

CSAC Financial Aid + Speed Networking for Student Programs Panel

Date: October 4, 2023

Time: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
CSAC Financial Aid Training 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
NCCPC Speed Networking for Student Programs Panel 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.
Breakfast & Lunch Provided

Location: Evergreen Library 

Address: 2635 Aborn Road, San Jose, 95121

For the second time, NCCPC has partnered with CSAC to:

    1. Share information about our student-led virtual hub LetsGoToCollegeBay Area and other tools at 50+ statewide workshops
    2. Spread awareness regarding scholarship displacement and AB288
    3. Host an in-person workshop

Our in-person workshop will highlight the organizations within NCCPC that support students. Organizations will have the opportunity to provide a brief overview of the various support programs they provide for students. Participants will then have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions to gain a deeper understanding of these programs. Our goal is to help foster and build connections for our member organizations with local counselors, advisors and other practitioners for the benefit of students. 

The panel discussion aims to provide a concise overview of the various support programs offered by NCCPC members in the Santa Clara county area. Hear from a variety of resources available at the different stages of financial aid planning, including high school, freshmen year, and throughout college. Participants will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions to gain a deeper understanding of these programs. Additionally, attendees can collect physical materials to share with students and will receive a digital copy containing the information about the organizations and their student programs.

    Financial Aid Workshop + Panel Outcomes

    Workshop/Panel attendees will 

    • Understand the range of programs and scholarships available for students at different stages.
    • Gain knowledge about eligibility criteria, application processes, and program requirements.
    • Explore resources and support provided from the NCCPC.
    • Acquire materials to share with students and access a digital copy of NCCPC programs.
    • Promoting collaboration and networking among practitioners and programs to exchange ideas and experiences related to student success and generate community support.
    • Learn about the revised FAFSA and California Dream Act Applications
    • Learn about new financial aid programs that will help your students
    • Learn about the major changes to the Cal Grant program

      Join us October 4 for an informative free session. Register here for the Financial Aid Workshop + Speed Networking for Student Programs Panel. Select October 4 and add the number of free tickets you would like. You’ll receive an email with more information for the event.

      We hope to see you at Evergreen Library for #WisdomWednesday and this free event.

       In addition to our continued focus on the All In for FAFSA/CA Dream Act Completion Initiative for high school seniors, we will address the upcoming changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) through the Better FAFSA Better Future campaign and updates to the California Dream Act Application (CADAA). These changes include:

      • The opening of the applications is delayed from October 1 to December 2023 (Date TBA from Federal Student Aid).
      • The FSA ID will be required for all FAFSA contributors, such as parents and legal guardians, including those who are not US Citizens or permanent residents.
      • New formula to calculate student need and financial aid eligibility.

      The Commission is offering an extensive calendar of in-person and virtual Annual Statewide Financial Aid Workshops. Please see the list below for a workshop near you and the dates of the virtual workshops. The Commission will also offer a virtual CADAA Line-by-Line session in January and FAFSA/CADAA Overview webinars in January and February.

      The Commission appreciates your dedication to students, and our training team looks forward to seeing you at the 2023-24 Annual Statewide Financial Aid Workshops!

      Register here for the 2023-24 Annual Statewide Financial Aid Workshop

      Explore All Sessions

      8/28/23 Monday VIRTUAL WORKSHOP ZOOM
      8/31/23 Thursday Riverside County Office of Education Riverside
      9/1/23 Friday Riverside County Office of Education Riverside
      9/5/23 Tuesday Lake Tahoe Community College S. Lake Tahoe
      9/6/23 Wednesday Inyo County Office of Education Bishop
      9/7/23 Thursday Victor Valley College Victorville
      9/8/23 Friday Antelope Valley College Lancaster
      9/8/23 Friday Sierra College Rocklin
      9/11/23 Monday VIRTUAL WORKSHOP ZOOM
      9/13/23 Wednesday Orange County Department of Education Costa Mesa
      9/13/23 Wednesday Merritt College & East Bay/Solano Cal-SOAP Oakland
      9/15/23 Friday Sacramento State University Sacramento
      9/15/23 Friday L.A. Mission College Sylmar
      9/18/23 Monday Gilroy Gavilan College & Gilroy Cal-SOAP Gilroy
      9/19/23 Tuesday Allan Hancock College Santa Maria
      9/20/23 Wednesday Santa Barbara City College Santa Barbara
      9/21/23 Thursday El Camino College Torrance
      9/22/23 Friday Moorpark College Moorpark
      9/25/23 Monday VIRTUAL WORKSHOP ZOOM
      9/25/23 Monday Yreka College Options Yreka
      9/26/23 Tuesday San Gabriel High School San Gabriel
      9/26/23 Tuesday Redding College Options Redding
      9/27/23 Wednesday Crescent City – Del Norte School District Crescent City
      9/27/23 Wednesday Coast Community College District Costa Mesa
      9/28/23 Thursday Compton Unified School District Compton
      9/28/23 Thursday Eureka North Coast Cal-SOAP Eureka
      9/29/23 Friday Cerritos College Norwalk
      9/29/23 Friday Mendocino College Ukiah
      10/2/23 Monday Vacaville Travis Credit Union Vacaville
      10/3/23 Tuesday L.A. Harbor College Los Angeles
      10/3/23 Tuesday Santa Rosa 10,000 Degrees Santa Rosa
      10/4/23 Wednesday L.A. City College Los Angeles
      10/4/23 Wednesday San Jose – NorCal College Promise Coalition San Jose
      10/5/23 Thursday Mission College Santa Clara
      10/6/23 Friday Chabot College Hayward
      10/6/23 Friday San Bernardino COE – RIMS AVID San Bernardino
      10/9/23 Monday Pasadena City College Pasadena
      10/10/23 Tuesday Whittier College Whittier
      10/10/23 Tuesday College of the Desert Palm Desert
      10/11/23 Wednesday Imperial County Office of Education El Centro
      10/12/23 Thursday San Diego Cal-SOAP San Diego
      10/13/23 Friday San Diego Cal-SOAP San Diego
      10/17/23 Tuesday Merced Cal-SOAP & Merced Office of Education Merced
      10/18/23 Wednesday San Mateo County Office of Education Redwood City
      10/18/23 Wednesday Fresno City College Fresno
      10/19/23 Thursday San Jose City College San Jose
      10/19/23 Thursday Visalia – College of Sequoias Visalia
      10/20/23 Friday Sacramento City Unified School District Sacramento
      10/23/23 Monday Oxnard College Oxnard
      10/24/23 Tuesday Santa Monica College Santa Monica
      10/27/23 Friday Fullerton College Fullerton
      10/27/23 Friday Mt. San Antonio College Walnut
      10/31/23 Tuesday Orange County Department of Education Costa Mesa
      11/1/23 Wednesday Long Beach City College Long Beach
      11/2/23 Thursday Barstow Community College Barstow
      11/3/23 Friday San Francisco State University San Francisco
      11/3/23 Friday Ventura College Ventura
      11/14/23 Tuesday Bakersfield Y2L & Cal-SOAP Bakersfield
      1/9/24 Tuesday CA Dream Act Application Line-By-Line Webinar ZOOM
      1/12/24 Friday Irvine Valley College Irvine
      1/17/24 Wednesday VIRTUAL FAFSA/CADAA updates ZOOM
      2/5/24 Monday VIRTUAL FAFSA/CADAA updates ZOOM
      2/22/24 Thursday VIRTUAL FAFSA/CADAA updates ZOOM

       Working together to effectively promote education beyond high school!