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Last updated: 12/05/2022

Complete the Member Enrollment and Profile Forms by Friday, January 13, 2023!

Then please fill out the Member Enrollment Form for FY23 here!

Who should complete this form?

Any Steering Committee, Champion, and Advocate member who is a member for the July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023 fiscal year!

Both forms can be saved and resumed.

The ENROLLMENT form collects information about the students you serve, aggregate and student level data you have, your services, and your partnerships.

The PROFILE form collects information about your staff and governance demographics and the data that you manage.


Stay tuned for 2023 Members-Only events! Until then, check out all of our past events on the Events page!

NCCPC Members-Only Resources

Membership List

We’re all about connections, that’s why our goal for 2022 is to grow to 50 members. And we’re already at 31! Get to know the membership.

NCCPC Announcements

Catch NCCPC press releases, upcoming events and conferences we’re promoting, and other announcements.

NCCPC Member Highlights

Learn more about other NCCPC members by checking out our Member Highlights published once a month. Interested in having your organization highlighted by NCCPC? Contact Barb!

Resource Toolkits

NCCPC shares targeted resources to its members.
Resource topics include:

  • NCCPC Making Moves
  • Members Making Moves
  • Member Actions
  • Policy
  • Events
  • Funding
  • For Students
  • Resources

To share questions, ideas, or feedback, contact:

Alex Badaoui, Operations Assistant

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Other Toolkits

Student Survey Toolkit

Includes five recommended questions to ask your students. Collect and share the aggregate data.

Data Sharing Toolkit

Take advantage of our data-sharing agreements with partners like Cal State East Bay. Join the pilot!

[New Toolkit Here]

As we develop more resources together in our committees, we’ll share them here! Have an idea for a toolkit? Contact us!

Committee Resources & Files

Stay tuned for updates in 2023 so that you can access resources and files from the Policy, Campus Partnerships, Workforce Partnerships, and Communities of Practice Committees!

Want access to a prior agenda or slides from a committee meeting you missed? Contact Alex!” and link “Contact Alex” to an email to

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