Jan 7

Housing & Storage

January 7, 2022 | By Edwin Burgos Perez

Going to college sometimes means going away from home, and living in a new area with more responsibilities. The area in which you will live in for your next college year is an important factor that should be taken into consideration when deciding where to attend college. 

Housing looks different in every college setting. Some colleges will have reserved open, designated space for your freshman year on campus, while some colleges will provide you the choice of staying on campus for all years of studying. Other colleges expect you to find housing off-campus for the rest of your time in college with little to no help. Finding housing can be overwhelming depending on which city and county you live in, but always be on the lookout for off- or on-campus housing opportunities based on your housing preferences. 

For a clear breakdown of housing and all that housing on-campus or off-campus entails, check here.

AssistHub Can Help!

AssistHub’s goal is to make it accessible for everyone to discover what public benefits they are eligible for and other useful resources, including rent and mortgage assistance. These resources can make a huge difference, especially during hardships. Hardships can present themselves in different ways, so being prepared through AssistHub is a step in the right direction. To learn more about public benefits you are entitled to, go here. Simply answer a few quick questions or choose to review the full list of available resources.

Rent Relief

The CA COVID Relief Fund provides financial assistance to California renters and landlords who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. See if you can apply to receive financial assistance here.

Housing Emergency Assistance 

  • The Shelter Program in the Tenderloin provides safe shelter, three meals a day, and critical social services for 60 to 70 families a night. Families can stay up to six months.

  • Transitional Housing provides housing and support for up to 20 families at high-risk for chronic homelessness for 12 months. They provide families with the structure and support they need in order to address the root causes of homelessness and poverty and to assist them in strengthening and developing skills to acquire and maintain permanent housing.

  • Housing Services provides subsidy programs to prevent homelessness whenever possible. They assist families who have become homeless with housing search assistance, temporary rent assistance, case management, job search assistance, and other services. The program runs for 12 to 20 months in order to help families find and retain a permanent home.

  • The Real Estate professionals identify available housing and work with landlords to accept housing applications from housing subsidy participants. This team also serves as a liaison with landlords throughout the Housing Services subsidy program.

Frequently Asked Questions About Housing: 

Q: My family has been staying at a motel while I’ve been in college. Now that I am back in the Bay Area, I either have to move in with my family in their motel room (which may close soon due to the coronavirus pandemic), or find my own place. I am still looking for a job and can’t afford to cover the cost of rent at a new place. Where can I go for temporary housing or shelter for college students?

A:  Many college campuses have emergency aid funds to support students with a variety of challenges they may face while in school.  If you need emergency aid, you may reach out to the financial aid office at your school to submit a request for support. Visit your college’s website to find more information. If you don’t find anything, try seeking assistance from the Early Opportunity Program (EOP) or other on-campus support services for students.

Q: I have to move back home and don’t have a car or money for all the fees for moving. Are there any companies or services supporting college students who have to move?

A: Berkeley Outreach Coalition is a collaborative group of not-for-profit-organizations established to care for food and housing insecure residents of Berkeley. They provide resources including legal assistance, harm reduction supplies, health/medical kits, and food.

  • U-Haul provides one free month of storage available at U-Haul and participating affiliate locations with one-way truck or trailer rentals.

  • You can find a location near you by clicking on this link.

Housing During the Summer

Q:  With most college campuses being closed during the summer, my friends and I are unsure about whether we can still do research or take courses on campus like we planned this summer. It’s also unclear whether housing is still being offered to us by our school. Who do we talk to about summer housing and research opportunities?

A:  Since every college/university is different, you may connect to one of these offices on your campus, who should still be available by phone and email. Be direct in communicating which types of resources and opportunities you are looking to get involved in to make the most out of your summer.

  • Career services center

  • Academic advisor

  • Professor in the department of your major

  • Work-study or the financial aid office

  • Student organizations/clubs

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