Jan 7


January 7, 2022 | By Edwin Burgos Perez

As we get older it seems like it gets harder to sleep. From my personal experience, prioritizing sleep is a must for your everyday to-do list. The everyday challenges from work, school, responsibilities, families, and so on can exhaust our bodies and minds. Getting enough sleep everyday is a necessary step to re-energize and refocus on the priorities ahead without the consequences of sleep deprivation.

Sometimes it feels impossible to get 7-8 hours, or even six hours of sleep, with everything in my schedule. To prioritize sleep, create habits to ensure that you get the minimum hours of sleep to properly function throughout the next day. Here are a few tips:

  1. Exercise daily. Once the day is almost over, I find myself tired which helps me fall asleep faster because I’m tired from exercising earlier that day. 
  2. Set up reminders and an agenda that you intend to follow to ensure that your responsibilities are met by the end of the day.

In college, it is very easy and common to pull an all-nighter to finish an assignment that’s almost due, but that shouldn’t be happening frequently. To avoid situations like this, time management skills are essential on a daily basis to help you avoid dreadful all-nighters and sleep deprivation.

No one will remind you to go to sleep or when to do an assignment that is a significant portion of your grade.

It is all up to you, and you have the freedom of making these decisions. With that freedom comes the importance of being a self advocate for wellness and prioritizing your health.

 Resting and sleeping will make your life easier, and there are always people who want to help you if you feel like you need the assistance. You can always reach out to your campus mental health and wellness service centers. If you are part of any program or club, look for mentors and advisors you can turn to for tips and advice.

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