Jan 7

Meditations & Affirmations

January 7, 2022 | By Edwin Burgos Perez

It is very easy to feel mentally, emotionally, and physically overwhelmed during stressful college days. Try using affirmations to get by!

Affirmations are simply statements that are designed to create self-change in the individual using them. They can serve as inspiration, as well as simple reminders, and can help you focus on your goals throughout the day.

To learn more about self affirmations, feel free to use this resource by Psychology Today.

Meditation is considered a type of mind-body complementary medicine.

Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind.

Learn more about the benefits of mediation here with this article from the Mayo Clinic.

Practicing gratitude and mindfulness can be difficult, but the benefits are priceless. Every time you take a moment for yourself to practice mindfulness, or to reflect on what you are grateful for, you bring positive energy into your life and your perspective. Learn more about How to Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness.

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