May 17

NCCPC Participation in CA Cradle 2 Career

Source: Meredith Curry, Executive Director of NCCPC

Event: Congratulations to NCCPC staff and members for their appointments to the CA Cradle 2 Career Community Engagement Advisory Board!


May 12, 2022

Transformative data system would be a neutral source of high-quality information on student achievement and how to improve outcomes and professional development

“SACRAMENTO — The Office of Cradle-to-Career Data has signed landmark legal agreements with 15 education, social service, and workforce entities that allow for the creation of data sets on student progress from pre-K through college and employment, one of several important early milestones that were announced at the May 11 Governing Board meeting. These milestones make progress toward creating a transformative statewide data system that will link together existing data on education, workforce, financial aid, and social services to create tools for use by students, families, policy makers, researchers and the public.”

“The data system, which is a national model for an inclusive design process, took another important action on May 11, when the Cradle-to-Career Governing Board appointed 32 highly respected researchers, advocates, and educators to two new advisory boards. These advisory boards will focus on bringing important ideas and input to the Governing Board to ensure that data tools provide actionable information and that there are strong feedback loops for communities to support decision making, analysis and equitable access to information.”

Congratulations to NCCPC and our Members!

  • Meredith Curry of NCCPC

  • Dr. Christopher J. Nellum of The Education Trust-West, Steering Committee member and Policy Committee Co-Chair

  • Jackie Nevarez of Elk Grove Unified, Advocate member and Communities of Practice Committee member

  • Sbeydeh Viveros Walton of Public Advocates, Advocate member and Policy Committee Co-Chair


What is the Cradle-to-Career System?

The Cradle-to-Career System will provide data-informed tools to help students reach their college and career goals and deliver information on education and workforce outcomes. This user-friendly system will include resources focused on early learning through K-12 and higher education, as well as on the financial aid and social services that help students reach their goals.

Why is it being built?

  • California’s information on early education, K-12 schools, colleges, social services, and employment is separate and disconnected.

    • It is difficult to share information to support planning and transitions for students.
    • It is not possible to explore outcomes of Californians–from early childhood through adulthood–and the factors that help shape their outcomes, all in one place.
    • Actionable information needs to be in the hands of communities and families.

Who is it for?

Our tools will be designed to help a wide range of users find the most relevant information and use it to create better outcomes for students.

For Students and Families:

  • Explore key information to help plan for, apply to, and pay for college.
    • Streamline the college and financial aid application process.
    • Monitor the status of college and financial aid applications.

1. For Educators:

  • Streamline college and financial aid application review.
  • Monitor students’ college planning and application progress to support targeted interventions.
  • Develop action plans based on data about learning, supportive services, and employment.

2. For Advocates and Researchers:

Analyze data collected from multiple sources to shape policy and advance educational equity.

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